Please find below a list of our 2017 judges. We’ll be updating this list for 2018 in the run-up to the 2018 awards so check back for updates.

2017 Judges

Ian Nelson (Chairman)
Steve Barnes (Deputy Head Judge)

Alex Connell, Vegetarian Society Cookery School
Andrea Wallace, Nottingham School of Food
Andrew Broom, Melton Mowbray Business Society
Andrew Cooper, Melton Mowbray Town Estate
Andy Clarke, Food & Drink TV Producer
Anna Vaughan, Ladies in Pigs
Annette Cole, Taste of Game
Anya Wood, Sisterhood of Travelling Pies
Bob Pitchfork, Pitchfork’s Pickles
Caroline Kealey, Ladies in Pigs
Charles Campion, Food Critic
Charlie Bamford, Sisterhood of Travelling Pies
Christian West, Emerson & Wests
Claire Holland, Ladies in Pigs
Cliff Congrave
Colin Lomax, British Society of Baking
Colin Rich, The Pastry Room
Daniel Wheeler, Quick Bite Magazine
David Michael Mizon, Train2bake.com
David Thomson, BAKO
Dawn Garton, Melton Borough Council
Di Login, Golden Fleece
Diane Hickling, Woodside Fam B&B
Dinah Hickling, Melton Mowbray Town Estate
Douglas Scott, Scottish Federation of Meat Traders Association
Elaine Thomson, National Bakery School
Eric Tindall, Melton Mowbray Town Estate
Felicity Spector, Channel 4 News
Frances Slade, Ladies in Pigs
Gary Bainbridge, Daily Mirror columnist
Garry Dolan, Taste of Game
George Wakeling, Bouverie Lodge Bison Farm
Giles Sheldrick, Daily Express
Herlinda Heras, Writer and TV Chef
Hugh Brown, Melton Mowbray Market
Ian Beale
Ian Neale, Melton Mowbray Rotary Club
James Colclough
Jamie Baker, Butchr.net
Janine Ratcliffe, Olive Magazine
Janine Williams, Leicestershire Promotions
Jennifer John, Ceres PR
Jessica Mitchell, Sisterhood of Travelling Pies
Jo Luck
John Amaechi OBE
John Slattery, Must-Visit Emporium, Bury
John Waterfield, British Confectioners Association
Jonathan Smith, Cookery School Coordinator
Jonny Smith, The Pie Pundit
Julia Blant, Ladies in Pigs
Kate Pettifer, The Simple Things
Katie Mullen, Sisterhood of Travelling Pies
Katie Peal, Food Blogger
Lara Young, Vale of Belvoir Guesthouse
Laurie Pearson, Heygates
Leah Hyslop, Sainsbury’s Magazine
Liam Nash
Louise Bushell, Miss B’s Tea Rooms
Louise Lee, Gonalston Farm Shop
Louise Rhind-Tutt, iNews & Square Meal
Malika Andress, National Space Centre
Marc Meltonville, Food Historian
Martin Tarbuck, Author – Life of Pies
Mary Ibbotson, Ladies in Pigs
Mayor David Wright, Melton Mowbray Town Mayor
Mike Holling, Birds of Derby
Milly Stokes, Farndon Fields Farm Shop
Natalie Kirkham, Ladies in Pigs
Neale Hollingsworth, Dukeshill Ham
Neil Davey, Food Writer
Neil Woods, Ireks GmbH
Nick Galer, The Miller of Mansfield
Nick Pearce, Brook Foods
Nigel Martin, FMCG Magazine
Nigel White, Stilton Cheese Makers Association
Nik Speller, Food Blogger
Norman Miller, Journalist – Discover Britain
Rachel Linstead, Firecracker
Rachel Walker, Sunday Times / The Dish
Revd Kevin Ashby
Richard Hunt, Richard Hunt Foodservices
Rob Freck, The Cheese Shop, Nottingham
Rod Addy, Meat Trades Journal / Global Meat News
Rod Adlington, Adlington Ltd.
Roger Stocks
Sally Elkington
Sally-Jayne Wright, BBC Good Food
Sarah Hopcroft
Sarah Porter
Stuart Cauldwell, Roast Restaurant
Stuart West, Emerson & Wests
Sue Woodall, Ladies in Pigs
Susan Haddleton, Great Taste judge
Taran Bassi, Metro Online Reporter
Teresa Bovey, Professional Home Economist
Tim Brown, Melton Mowbray Cheeseboard
Tim Coleman, Judge at Cakes v Pies, CarFest North
Tim Heeley, East Midlands Airport
Tom Heygate, Heygates Flour Millers
Tony Spencer
Trevor Bush
Vince Bamford, Editor – British Baker
Viv Jones, Food Stylist and Home Economist
Will Kostoris
William Hartson, Daily Express
Xanthe Clay, Daily Telegraph