Instructions for Delivery of Pies

The British Pie Awards is open to all producers of Pies sold commercially in the UK – Pie makers, butchers, bakers and those who exhibit at shows.

Pies entered must either be currently available for sale or available for sale during the Awarding year namely 6th March 2023 until British Pie Awards 2024 at the same standard. The pie entered for the award must be identical to the pies on sale commercially ie not produced specifically to enter the awards.

All Pies in all Classes of the British Pie Awards must comply with being ‘a filling wholly encased in pastry’. Entries which do not comply e.g. lattice topped, fruit topped, potato topped, samosas or any fried products etc will not be submitted for judging. For clarity, a single hole in the lid of the pie must be no more than 25mm diameter (for steam exit or jellying etc).

You may enter as many pies as you like into the Awards.  You may enter the same pie into as many classes as you wish providing the pie meets the criteria for each class entered.  The same pie may also be entered more than once into the same class if for example it is being produced for a different customer.  

The cost of entry for each pie in each class in 2024 is as follows (same as last year): Cost per entry £48 (£40 + VAT). Small Producer, Cost of Entry = £30 (£25 + VAT)

So 2 pies entered into one class and 3 pies entered into another class would be 5 entries and would for a small producer cost £150 (5 x £30 inc VAT)

(nb: To qualify as a Small Producer, make sure you tick the box on the online entry form that  confirms you employ no more than 5 Pie makers, who are directly involved just in the making of Pies).

You must complete the online entry form and make payment before the deadline date for entries – Friday  16 February 2024. You will then be sent labels for your pies by email.  Click here for instructions on how to send your pies.  Instructions for Delivery of Pies

You must deliver your pies on Tuesday 6th March 2024 by 3.30pm at St Mary’s Church, Church Terrace , Melton Mowbray. The postcode for the venue is LE13 0PN  Click here for Map

Your entries must comply with the Rules of Entry.

They must be baked and ready to eat.  They must also arrive at 8 degrees or less.

Judging of pies will take place from 11am onwards on Wednesday 6th March in St Mary’s Church. You may attend the judging if you wish but must stay outside the judging area.

The top three entrants for each class will be contacted immediately after the results have been compiled either on the evening of Wednesday 6th March or the following morning. They will be invited to attend the awards lunch at 1pm on Friday 8th March in St Mary’s Church.

The awards lunch is free to attend for all potential winners and a guest.

Winners will receive a trophy and a certificate at the lunch. A photograph will be taken with the sponsor. Winners will also receive a media pack and support for working with the media on promoting their award.  The other two invitees of each class will be awarded a Highly Commended certificate and again given the opportunity for photographs.

Entries achieving gold, silver or bronze in the judging will be notified and entitled to use the relevant logo on all their social media as well as printed stickers of the awards on their packaging.

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