Results 2023 BPA

The following are the results of the 2023 British Pie Awards

Supreme Champion is ‘Gluten Free Mooless Pie’ by Pieminister of Bristol
(Ingredients: Gluten Free Pastry, Jackfruit ‘Steak’, Craft Ale, Black Pepper)

Sponsored by Melton Mowbray Building Society

Dr Matthew O’Callaghan OBE: Chairman of the British Pie Awards said: “This was a superb pie, it looked good, had a nice even golden bake. The pastry was crunchy complimented by the moist filling which had ‘bite’ and the balance of flavours in the pie was just right. Up to now Gluten Free Pies were always compared unfavourably with other pies.  With this pie Gluten Free Pies are now equal to any other pie.  Being Vegetarian and Gluten Free, Pieminister’s ‘Mooless Pie’ is an ‘Everybody’s Pie’ be they vegetarian or meat eater, Gluten tolerant or intolerant. Serve this at a meal and almost everyone’s a winner! Congratulations Pieminister!”

The Supreme Champion piemaker is invited to the British Fair in Japan with Flight and Hotel expenses paid  courtesy of the generousity of Hankyu Department Store of Japan.

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