Rules of Entry

Below are the rules for the 2018 British Pie Awards:

1.  With the exception of Class 21, The British Pie Awards is open to all producers of Pies sold commercially in the UK – Pie makers, butchers, bakers and those who exhibit at shows.

2.  Pies entered must either be currently available for sale or available for sale during the Awarding year namely 8th March 2018 until British Pie Awards 2019 at the same standard.

3.  All Pies in all Classes of the British Pie Awards must comply with being ‘a filling wholly encased in pastry and baked’. Entries which do not comply e.g. lattice topped, fruit topped, potato topped, samosas or any fried products etc will not be submitted for judging.

4.  It is a condition of entry that the following statements have been confirmed on the Entry Form

‘Please tick the box to confirm your business is a registered food business’

‘With which Authority is your food business registered:’

‘Please tick the box to confirm that your business has a HACCP plan in place that covers the manufacture and supply of the Pies that you have entered’

5.  An allergen declaration must be supplied with each Pie entered in the Awards.

6.  Entries must comply with the rules for the Class in which they are applying.

7.  The Entrant must ensure the safe packaging, transport and delivery of Pies to the venue and on time. A number of Entrants have asked for clarification & advice re packaging & temperature control of their Entries. It is therefore recommended:

✓  All Pies should be thoroughly chilled before packing and actually packed whilst still in chilled (but not frozen) condition (<8°c)

✓  Pack the Pies in an insulated box/container, ideally with frozen ice packs, so the Pies remain chilled. NB: disposable ice pack and polystyrene boxes are recommended.

✓  Pack the Pies so they are secure, don’t move about or rattle, as movement leads to possible damage.

✓  Seal container, label and dispatch.

✓  When packed as above Pies can be sent with a non-chilled Courier on overnight delivery. We advise putting the consignment on a timed delivery to ensure it arrives on time.

✓  Alternatively deliver your Entries in person, but the Pies still need to arrive chilled.

8.  The Pies must be baked ready for eating and supplied cold on arrival.  All Pies will be tested for temperature upon arrival.  Pies delivered over 8°C, or damaged or technically unsafe will be rejected and therefore NOT judged.

9.  The Pies MUST be delivered to the venue on the date and time specified on the entry form.

10.  Hot eating Pies will be reheated and judged hot.

11.  The Pies must not contain any identifying marks which would directly link your Pie to your business. All Pies are judged blind.

12.  All Pies will be judged on plain white polystyrene plates or trays without garnish or decoration.

13.  All Pies will be disposed of by the Organiser after the Event.

14.  The Judges’ assessment notes will be passed on to the Entrants UPON REQUEST, but are for the guidance of Entrants only and MUST NOT be made public or revealed to third parties.

15.  Entrants whose Pies have won awards may use the British Pie Awards logo in their own publicity.  The logo may only be used for the Pies which have received an award and must mention the year of the award. The Pie which won the Award MUST be mentioned underneath the logo. The British Pie Awards logo may NOT be used to universally promote a business. The logo may only be used in relation to the Pie (& year) which received the award.

16.  Judges may not submit entries into the competition.

17.  No correspondence may be entered into after the competition.

18.  The verdict of the Chairman of the Judges is final.

Terms & Conditions

1. Important Note

The Melton Mowbray Pork Pie Association Limited, organisers and hosts of The British Pie Awards(“We”, “Our”, “Us”) (Company No. 05730244) Registered Office PO Box 5540, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. LE13 1GYU. Vat No. 115479117. If you need to contact us for any reason, then please see the full details under Contact us

Entry in to the British Pie Awards from this Website is governed by our Rules of Entry.  By using our online entry system you agree to be bound by our Rules of Entry and the Conditions of Website Use. Before proceeding to enter the British Pie Awards, we ask that you read these terms and conditions carefully.

2. Entering

Please refer to our Rules of Entry for details.

3. Prices

The prices we charge you will be the prices displayed on this website at the time we receive your entry but, whilst We try to ensure that such prices are accurate, We reserve the right to correct the prices if We discover an error. In this event, you will be entitled to cancel your entry or re-confirm it at the correct price.

Subject to the paragraph above, the total value of the entry will be displayed on the entry confirmation screen.  The displayed price is the amount in pounds sterling that you will pay.  We only accept payment in pounds sterling.  If you are ordering from a non United Kingdom address with a credit card, your credit card company will apply what it considers to be the appropriate exchange rate.

4. Delivery

a) To ensure delivery of awards that you may win and invoices that we issue, accurate information is vital.  Please ensure that all names, addresses and telephone numbers are accurate.  Please note that We must have a delivery address postcode and We must have a contact telephone number.  The invoice address must however be that of the person making the payment.

b) Delivery of awards, certificates or any British Pie Awards related literature can only be made to mainland UK addresses.

c) We will deliver to the address as you enter it and cannot accept any liability for late or failed delivery if the quoted address is incorrect. We advise that if you are not sure of the address you should check it using the Post Office Address Finding Service. Please note that this external site link will open in a new window.

d) Deliveries will be made to the address specified.  In the event that you select a business address, we will be deemed to have delivered the product to its intended recipient by delivering to the reception area of the business address and receiving a signed receipt of delivery.

e) If entries are received by Us after the published deadlines for a specified delivery date they will not be judged, as per the Rules of Entry.

5. Payment

We take payment at the time of entry, this is to ensure that We are able to avoid any potential hitches preventing your goods being entered on time in to The British Pie Awards.

We accept payment by Visa, Mastercard, Maestro (Switch) and Solo via Sage Pay’s secure e-payment facility.

All credit card orders are positively credit card sanctioned prior to despatch, so please ensure that all details provided are correct. We cannot accept responsibility for an entry being held back as a result of incorrect or invalid payment details being given.  We require you to supply the registered address of the credit card holder, which is used to validate the entry with your selected credit card company.  Failure to supply the correct details will result in your entry being held back.

6. Liability

a) We shall accept no liability for late entries nor late deliveries of products since dates for entries deadline and deliveries are clearly stated in our Rules of Entry.
b) We shall have no liability to you for:
i) The condition in which we receive your entries for judging
ii) loss of profits or indirect or consequential loss if we have to disqualify your entries for one or more of the reasons stated in our Rules of Entry
iii) We will accept liability if any entry received is damaged in our care and offer either a refund or free entry in to the next British Pie Awards

7. Events outside our control
We shall have no liability to you if We are delayed in performing or are unable to perform Our obligations to you due to any event outside Our control including but not limited to Act of God, act of government and legislation enacted by any government.

8. Security
Our on-line entry system incorporates Sage Pay’s secure e-payment system.  Once you reach the entry payment process you will notice a padlock appear at the bottom of your browser window.  At no time do We see any of your credit card information.

9. Law
English law shall apply to any contracts for the sale of products by Us to you and the English courts will have jurisdiction in the event of any dispute.

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