We were absolutely thrilled that our Beef Skirt and Vegetable Pastie was named the best pie in Britain – particularly as we were shortlisted amongst so many other talented pie makers in the most prestigious pie competition in the UK.
We have always worked hard at Huddleston’s to make special pies for our customers and we were so humbled to take the pie title back to Cumbria, to share with them. In over 20 years of entering competitions we have never had the level of exposure that the British Pie Awards has given us- our business has gone from strength to strength and it’s been fantastic to see our reputation grow as a result. My advice to anybody who is thinking of entering the awards this year is to go ahead and apply- you could be missing a golden opportunity! 
John Nicholl of Huddleston’s Butchers (Supreme Champion 2016)

It was amazing to win the awards, unbelievable really.  When I think back now it just seems a bit surreal. I was pleased with winning one category, but to win the others and then being named best pie in Britain, I couldn’t believe it.
We work hard at what we do and just want to make something special for people to enjoy.  We’re so proud to be one of the best pie makers in Britain. There are some really good producers out there and we’re just happy to be one of them.
Neil Broomfield of Great North Pie Co. (Supreme Champion 2015. Winner – Beef & Any Flavour Pie, Chicken & Vegetable/Herb Pie, Vegetarian Pie 2015)

The British Pie Awards are a real highlight in our calendar, and for the past few years we’ve been delighted with our results. There is a great atmosphere surrounding the Awards – we love being invited to lunch afterwards, and it’s great being surrounded by other pie-makers who are at the top of their game.
In 2015 we won the Pork Pie Class for the third year in a row, and have established a tradition of ringing our customers with the news as we travel back down the motorway! Having an Award brings fantastic recognition and accreditation within the industry.
The Outdoor Pig Company (Winner – Pork Pie Class 2015, 2014, 2013. Winner – Chicken & Vegetable/Herb Pie 2014)

The British Pie Awards is the highlight of our Kitchen teams calendar, having won the supreme Champion in 2011/12 with our Chicken Ham and Leek pie we didn’t think it would ever happen again, how ever in 2014 our Pastry chef Jackie Simpson was over whelmed to win The 2014 Supreme Champion with her Bramley Apple pie, based on a secret family recipe, along with Graham Aimson winning the best pie in football as well, we were all over the moon to have such a continued success with our pie production. The British Pie Awards is a great stage to show off the best of British baking that we have in Great Britain and winning awards boosts the reputation and of course sales which is more than welcome in the current economic times, I would encourage any Baker, Chef or Butcher who makes pies to enter the awards. The British Pie Awards is a recognisable brand and we are proud as a team to show off that brand and our trophy’s, and hopefully our success will continue. Morecambe Football Club, 2014

We have been really astounded at the impact winning the Supreme Champion in 2013 has made to our business.  Not only do more people recognise our brand they are more inclined to try our pies when they see we have achieved this Award.  I would really encourage everyone in the industry to get involved.  It is a great way to be recognised as well as a lot of fun. Sally Lewis, The Pie Kitchen, 2014

Winning the Supreme Champion Pie Award was an unexpected surprise and honour. Given the fact we are a small team of chefs in a football club, we never even thought we had a chance of winning the award when up against bakers and specialist pie makers, but were merely hoping for a good result in the Football Pie Class, which we won as well and the Small Producer Award. Winning swept us all off our feet and were amazed at the publicity and interest in our pies. Our pies sales have soared throughout our stadium and the local area. Melton Mowbray is the home the best pie, it was truly an honour being recognised by such a well know name and people who actively pursue and maintain the traditions of good English food.  Graham C Aimson, Head Chef, Morecambe Football Club, 2011

 Winning such a prestigious award in the catering industry is a huge achievement and a great honour for an independent retailer such as ourselves. It is fantastic to be able to take part and be recognised among some of the bigger names in the industry and has been a tremendous boost to our profile and business  Andreas Brunzel, Master Chef, Leonardo’s Delicatessen Ltd, Ruthin 2011.

 Winning 2 classes in the 2011 British Pie Awards was amazing! The feedback has been amazing and has been covered by all the local press.  It’s given us confidence that we are in going in the right direction and the belief that we can be one of the best pie makers in the country.  The pies have continued to develop and I can’t wait for next years awards where I hope to go one better Neil Broomfield, The Great North Pie Company. 2011

Winning the Supreme Champion Pie Award for 2 consecutive years has emphasised the quality of our products and made our customers extremely proud of the award winning pies we make. On a more personal note, winning at the British Pie Awards has given me a great sense of achievement, motivation and pride Ian Heircock, Master Pie Maker, Walkers Charnwood Bakery. 2010

After winning in 2009 and again in 2010 caused great excitement with my customers and staff. The press coverage generated new customers from far and wide to try our award winning products and yes I would say this had a positive impact on my business  Paul Boyle, Boghall Butchers, 2010