2014 Awards

A & I Quality Butchers-Mince & Pea Round Pie-Entry-3293
A J Pies & Pastries Ltd-Jerk Pork Pie-Entry-2745
Biddestone Arms-Venison & Smoked Bacon Pie-Entry-2571
Boghall Butchers-Bramley Apple & Sultana Pasty-Entry-2667
Boghall Butchers-Lamb Hot Pot Pie-Entry-2670
Boghall Butchers-Steak & Kidney Round-Entry-2658
Boghall Butchers-Traditional Scotch Mutton Pie-Entry-2659
Bouverie Lodge Quality Foods-Bramley Apple Pie-Entry-2869
Bouverie Lodge Quality Foods-Venison Pie-Entry-2867
Brockleby’s-Wild Deer Pie-Entry-2896
Burbush Penrith Ltd-Penrith Pasty-Entry-3037
Butchers Hall & Country Grocer-Pork Stroganoff Pie-Entry-3092
Café V8-Steak & Gravy Pie-Entry-3043
Chunk of Devon-The Steak Pasty-Entry-2649
Cloughbane Farm Foods-Turkey & Stuffing Pie-Entry-3152
Crantock Bakery Ltd-P.O.S.H. Steak & Stout Pasty-Entry-2801
Dunkleys-British Chicken and Vegetable Pie-Entry-3254
Dunkleys-Chef & Brewer Chicken and Mushroom Pie-Entry-3256
Dunkleys-Chicken and Roasted Mushroom Pie-Entry-3257
Dunkleys –Nicholson’s Venison Pie-Entry-3262
Dunkleys-Steak and Hobgoblin Ale Pie-Entry-3272
Dunkleys-Taylor Walker Pyramid Pie-Entry-3269
Dunkleys-Venison and Roasted Veg Pie-Entry-3261
Elm Tree Foods-Elm Tree Pasty-Entry-3205
F. Griffiths & Son-Chicken Smoked Bacon & Leek Pie-Entry-2681
F. Griffiths & Son-Pork with Cider & Fennel Pie-Entry-2682
F. Griffiths & Son-Pulled Beef & Ale Pie-Entry-2679
F. Griffiths & Son-Pulled Beef & Stilton Pie-Entry-2678
Food on the Hill-Steak & Kidney Pie-Entry-2760
Fuud Ltd-Lamb Rosemary & Roasted Garlic Pie-Entry-2795
Goddard’s Pies Limited-Steak & Ale Pie-Entry-2707
Great North Pie Company-Classic Lancashire Cheese & Onion for the Victorian Chop Houses-Entry-3079
Great North Pie Company-Goosnargh Chicken Stornoway Black Pudding Pie-Entry-3074
Great North Pie Company-Lamb Shank Pie-Entry-3073
Great North Pie Company-Ox Cheek Stout & Bone Marrow Gravy Pie-Entry-3072
Great Walsingham Barns Cafe-Chicken Plough Pudding-Entry-2833
Great Walsingham Barns Cafe-Slow Cooked Beef Ale & Mushroom Pie-Entry-2832
Hayman’s Butchers-Lamb & Apricot Pie-Entry-2811
Hayman’s Butchers-Turkey Ham & Leek Pie-Entry-2817
J W Mettrick & Son-Chicken Balti Pie-Entry-3032
Jeanie Marshal Foods-Chicken Sagnaki Pie-Entry-2968
Kensey Foods-Bramley Apple Pie-Entry-2904
Kentish Mayde-Steak & Ale Pie-Entry-3145
Leeson Family Butchers-Pork Pie-Entry-3318
Lord of the Pies-Confit of Turkey Pork & apricot stuffing & cranberry jus Pie-Entry-2916
Lord of the Pies-Local reared beef roast chestnut mushrooms & real ale pie-Entry-2910
Lord of the Pies-Pulled Chicken Balti Pie-Entry-3304
Madaboutpies. Co. Uk-Wild Boar & Cider Bistro Pie-Entry-2768
Made By Ben-Remembrance Pie turkey ham & cranberry layered pie-Entry-2944
Morecambe Football Club-Bramley Apple Pie-Entry-2840
Morecambe Football Club-Chicken Ham & Leek Pie-Entry-2837
Morecambe Football Club-Potato & Meat Pie-Entry-2847
Mr Cs Hand-Crafted Pies-Scottish Wild Venison Pie-Entry-2929
Mr Kew’s Pies-Smoked Gammon Creamy Onion & Parsley Sauce Pie-Entry-3278
Murdoch Butchers-Chicken & Ham Pie-Entry-2738
Murdoch Butchers-Chicken & Ham Round-Entry-2741
Nice Pie-Chicken Smoked Bacon & Mushroom Pie-Entry-2948
Nice Pie-Fit for Heroes Pie-Entry-2953
Nice Pie-Steak & Ale Pie-Entry-2946
Nice Pie-Steak & Stilton Pie-Entry-2945
Nice Pie-Wild Squirrel Pie-Entry-2949
Owen Taylor & Sons Ltd-Chicken Leek & Stilton Pie-Entry-2885
Owen Taylor & Sons Ltd-Steak & Ale Pie-Entry-2884
Owen Taylor & Sons Ltd-Steak & Stilton Pie-Entry-2883
Pete’s Pies Ltd-Steak Ale & Mushroom Pie-Entry-2975
Piglet’s Pantry Ltd-Steak in Harrys Ale Pie-Entry-3287
Plenty Pastry Ltd-Breton Chicken Pie-Entry-2984
Proper Pies Limited-Beef Guinness & Root Vegetable Gluten Free Pie-Entry-3123
Proper Pies Limited-Pulled Beef Ale & Sweet Onion Pie-Entry-3112
Proper Pies Limited-Steak & Ale Pie-Entry-3121
Proper Pies Limited-Steak & Ale Pie-Entry-3122
Quality and Excellence Ltd-Lamb & Sweet Potato Pie-Entry-2619
Robert Bowring Farmer & Butchers-Chicken & Leek Pie-Entry-3050
Robert Bowring Farmer & Butchers-Chicken Pie-Entry-3056
Robert Bowring Farmer & Butchers-Steak Pie-Entry-3054
Robert Bowring Farmer & Butchers-Steak Stilton Steak & Potato-Entry-3052
Rushfields Farm Shop-Steak Ale & Stilton Pie-Entry-3066
Scalford Hall Hotel Ltd-Beef & Ale Pie-Entry-3312
Scalford Hall Hotel Ltd-Pub Pie-Entry-3313
That Little Place-Harpenden Beef & Ale-Entry-3060
The Crown Hawk Green-Chicken Ham & Mushroom Pie-Entry-2763
The Outdoor Pig Company Ltd-Chicken & Mushroom Pie-Entry-3237
The Outdoor Pig Company Ltd-Family Pork Pie-Entry-3234
The Outdoor Pig Company Ltd-Individual Pork Pie-Entry-3233
The Outdoor Pig Company Ltd-Orchard Pasty-Entry-3241
The Outdoor Pig Company Ltd-Stow Pie-Entry-3236
The Outdoor Pig Company Ltd-Vale Pie-Entry-3239
The Pie Kitchen-Steak Binham Blue & Portabellini Mushroom Pie-Entry-2774
The Treacle Town Pie Company-Steak & Old Tom Ale Pie-Entry-2562
The Wheatsheaf-Chicken Mushroom & Pancetta Pie-Entry-3063
Walker & Son-Dickinson & Morris Extra Large Melton Mowbray Pork Pie-Entry-3324
Walker & Son-Dickinson & Morris Individual Melton Mowbray Pork Pie-Entry-3326
Walker & Son-Dickinson & Morris Melton Mowbray Pork Pie-Entry-3323
Walker & Son-Dickinson & Morris Mini Melton Mowbray Pork Pies-Entry-3325
Walker & Son-Marks & Spencer Artisan 440g Melton Mowbray Pork Pie-Entry-3321
Walker & Son-Marks & Spencer Food to Order/Deli Ploughman’s Pie-Entry-3350
Walker & Son-Marks & Spencer Handcrimped Melton Mowbray Pork Pie-Entry-3333
Walker & Son-Marks & Spencer Pork & Egg Pie-Entry-3371
Walker & Son-Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Mini Melton Mowbray Pork Pies-Entry-3334
Walker & Son-Tesco Finest Hand crimped Pork Pie with Red Onion Chutney Centre-Entry-3369
Walker & Son-Tesco New York Deli Pie 1.3kg-Entry-3348
Walker & Son-Tesco Ultimate Pork Pie 440g-Entry-3335
Walker & Son-Tesco Ultimate Pork Pie 440g-Entry-3347
Walker & Son-Ultimate Dickinson & Morris Melton Mowbray Pork Pie-Entry-3319
Walker & Son-Walker & Son King Size Pork Pie-Entry-3328
Walker & Son-Walker & Son Melton Mowbray Pork Pie-Entry-3373
Walker & Son-Walker & Son Melton Mowbray Pork Pie-Entry-3374
Walker & Son-Walker & Son Philly Steak Pie-Entry-3336
Walker & Son-Walker & Son Roast Pork Farmhouse Pie-Entry-3387
Walker & Son-Walker & Son Steak & Wasabi Pie-Entry-3337
Warrens Bakery-Traditional Cornish Pasty-Entry-2557
Wessex Pantry-Apple Pie-Entry-2608
Wessex Pantry-Pheasant Pie-Entry-2604
Yorkshire Baker-Chicken & Chorizo Pie-Entry-2591
Yorkshire Baker-Chicken & Leek Pie-Entry-2590
Yorkshire Baker-Slow Roast Ham Onion & Mature Cheddar Pie-Entry-2592
Yorkshire Baker-Steak & Old Peculiar Ale Pie-Entry-2589

A & I Quality Butchers-Chicken & Ham Pie-Entry-3294
A J Pies & Pastries Ltd-Pork Pie-Entry-2743
Arthur Chatwin Ltd-Steak Pasty-Entry-2742
Biddestone Arms-Steak & Ale Pie-Entry-2569
Boghall Butchers-Duck with Black Cherries & Kirsch Pie-Entry-2662
Boghall Butchers-Mediterranean Vegetable Pie-Entry-2665
Boghall Butchers-Vegetarian Haggis Pie-Entry-2666
Brockleby’s-Wild Beaver Pie (Small)-Entry-2891
Brockleby’s-Wild Beaver Pie-Entry-2890
Butchers Hall & Country Grocer-Chicken with Masala Wine-Entry-3091
Cambridge County Market-Beef in Red Wine Pie-Entry-2776
Cambridge County Market-Mushroom & Onion with nuts Pie-Entry-2777
Camilleri Kitchen-Chicken & Ham Pie-Entry-3017
Crantock Bakery Ltd-P.O.S.H. Mexican Spicy Bean Pasty-Entry-2798
Crantock Bakery Ltd-P.O.S.H. Minted Lamb Pasty-Entry-2799
Croots Farm Shop-Croots Luxury Steak Pie-Entry-2852
Dunkleys-British Chicken Wiltshire Ham and Mushroom Pie-Entry-3259
Dunkleys-British Steak and Doom Bar Ale Pie-Entry-3251
Dunkleys-British Steak and Doom Bar Ale Pie-Entry-3273
Dunkleys-Chef and Brewer British Steak and Ale Pie-Entry-3270
Dunkleys-Goats Cheese and Caramelised Onion Pie-Entry-3266
Dunkleys-Pulled Lamb Pie-Entry-3263
Dunkleys-Steak and Greene King IPA Pie-Entry-3271
Elm Tree Foods-Porky Pear Pie-Entry-3203
F. Griffiths & Son-Roasted Veg with Goats Cheese & Walnuts Pie-Entry-2683
F. Griffiths & Son-Steak & Kidney with Guinness & Black Pudding Pie-Entry-2677
F. Griffiths & Son-Thai Chicken Pie-Entry-2680
Fabulous Fan Fayre Ltd-Potato & Meat Pie-Entry-2631
Food on the Hill-Kerelan Chicken Curry Pie-Entry-2758
Fulham Football Club-Steak & Ale Pie-Entry-3086
Great North Pie Company-Beef & Bovril Pie for Café Football-Entry-3078
Great North Pie Company-Ox Cheek & Kidney Pie-Entry-3070
Grumpies of Cornwall-Chicken Gammon & Leek Pie-Entry-3389
Grumpies of Cornwall-Venison & Red Wine Pie-Entry-3392
Hayman’s Butchers-Devonshire Pasty-Entry-2819
Hayman’s Butchers-Lamb Mushroom & Red Wine Pie-Entry-2812
Hayman’s Butchers-Rabbit Pie-Entry-2816
Heroes Bar & Grill-Help for Heroes-Entry-2653
Holland’s Pies-Steak & Guinness Pie-Entry-2750
Jeanie Marshal Foods-Beef Bourguignon Pie-Entry-2963
Jeanie Marshal Foods-Steak & Kidney Pie-Entry-2965
Kentish Mayde-Apple & Blackberry Pie-Entry-3144
Kentish Mayde-Chicken Balti Pie-Entry-3146
Kentish Mayde-Steak & Ale Pie-Entry-3147
Lord of the Pies-British beef & Blacksticks Blue Pie-Entry-2911
Lord of the Pies-Pulled Chicken Balti Pie-Entry-2914
Lord of the Pies-Slow braised steak ox kidney pancetta lardons & port jus pie-Entry-2908
Morecambe Football Club-Beef Steak Mince and Vegetables Pie-Entry-2848
Morecambe Football Club-Chicken Ham & Leek Pie-Entry-2845
Morecambe Football Club-Potato & Meat Pie-Entry-2839
Murdoch Butchers-Bridie-Entry-2735
Nelsons Butchers Ltd-Chicken Pie-Entry-2612
Nelsons Butchers Ltd-Traditional Pasty-Entry-2614
Nice Pie-Smoked Salmon & Broccoli Pie-Entry-2951
Owen Taylor & Sons Ltd-Steak & Ale Pie-Entry-2886
Pastilla Pies-Padbury Pie-Entry-3193
Pelham Pies-Chicken Fizz Pie-Entry-3167
Peter Anthony’s Kitchen-Chicken & Chorizo Pie-Entry-3244
Pieminister-Fungi Chicken Pie-Entry-2876
Piglet’s Pantry Ltd-Chicken Gammon & Leek Pie-Entry-3284
Piglet’s Pantry Ltd-Vegetarian Tagine-Entry-3285
Pinchin’s Family Farm Shop-Steak & Stilton Pie-Entry-3184
Proper Cornish Ltd-Bacon Chicken & Leek Pasty-Entry-3027
Proper Cornish Ltd-Quorn Pasty-Entry-3028
Proper Cornish Ltd-Steak & Cornish Ale Pasty-Entry-3026
Proper Cornish Ltd-Traditional Cornish Steak Pasty-Entry-3025
Proper Pies Limited-British Chicken & Portobello Mushroom Pie-Entry-3125
Proper Pies Limited-British Steak & Spitfire Ale Mini Pie-Entry-3124
Proper Pies Limited-Chicken Leek & Wholegrain Mustard Gluten Free Pie-Entry-3129
Proper Pies Limited-Curried Butternut Squash Spinach & Lentil Pie-Entry-3136
Proper Pies Limited-Finest Mushroom & Beef Pie-Entry-3137
Quality and Excellence Ltd-Mint Lamb Pie-Entry-2620
Robert Bowring Farmer & Butchers-Lamb Mint & Rosemary Pie-Entry-3055
Robert Bowring Farmer & Butchers-Meat & Veg Pasty-Entry-3059
Robert Bowring Farmer & Butchers-Pork Leek & Stilton Pie-Entry-3057
Robert Bowring Farmer & Butchers-Traditional Pork Pie-Entry-3049
Rose Cottage Foods-Beef Bourguignon Pie-Entry-2956
Rose Cottage Foods-Pork Pie-Entry-2954
Rushfields Farm Shop-Traditional Pork Pie-Entry-3064
Seasons Farm Foods-Venison Red Wine & Mushroom Pie-Entry-3179
The Handmade Pie & Ale House-Beef Bourguignon Pie-Entry-2732
The Handmade Pie & Ale House-Luxury Fish Pie-Entry-2728
The Handmade Pie & Ale House-Pork & Scrumpy Pie-Entry-2726
The Outdoor Pig Company Ltd-Steak and Ale Pie-Entry-3238
The Outdoor Pig Company Ltd-Steak and Kidney Pie-Entry-3235
The Real Pie Company-Apple & Cherry Pie-Entry-2588
The Real Pie Company-Chicken & Ham Pie-Entry-2580
Thomas’s Bakery in Furness-Bramley Apple Pie-Entry-2643
Tom’s Pies-Steak & Ale Pie-Entry-3024
Turner’s Pies Ltd-Turners Traditional Pasty-Entry-3107
Turner’s Pies Ltd-Turners Vegetable Curry Pasty-Entry-3110
Walker & Son-Dickinson & Morris 2 Snack Melton Mowbray Pork Pies-Entry-3327
Walker & Son-Marks & Spencer 6 Mini Melton Mowbray Pork Pies-Entry-3370
Walker & Son-Marks & Spencer Celebration Pork Pie-Entry-3372
Walker & Son-Marks & Spencer Food to Order Deli Pork & Chicken Layer Pie-Entry-3351
Walker & Son-Morrison’s 440g Melton Mowbray Pork Pie-Entry-3320
Walker & Son-Morrison’s Medium Ultimate Pork Pie-Entry-3332
Walker & Son-Morrison’s Pork Chicken & Ham Pie-Entry-3352
Walker & Son-Sainsbury’s 440g Melton Mowbray Pork Pie-Entry-3322
Walker & Son-Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Chicken & Ham Puff Pie 250g-Entry-3343
Walker & Son-Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Chicken & Ham Short crust Pie 600g-Entry-3344
Walker & Son-Tesco Finest 6 Mini Melton Mowbray Pork Pies 300g-Entry-3356
Walker & Son-Tesco Mini Smoked Pork Pies-Entry-3360
Walker & Son-Walker & Son 3 Bird Corset Pie-Entry-3386
Walker & Son-Walker & Son Individual Pork Pie-Entry-3330
Walker & Son-Walker & Son Steak Pie 150g-Entry-3377
Warren’s Bakery-Traditional Cornish Pasty-Entry-2556

A J Pies & Pastries Ltd-The Chilli Jam Pork Pie-Entry-2744
Annie’s Market Garden-Chicken Leek & Ham Pie-Entry-2828
Biddestone Arms-Lamb & Mint Pie-Entry-2570
Boghall Butchers-Family Bramley Apple Pie-Entry-2671
Boghall Butchers-Scotch Mutton Pie-Entry-2669
Bouverie Lodge Quality Foods-Bison Pie-Entry-2866
Bouverie Lodge Quality Foods-Fruits of the Forest Pie-Entry-2870
Brockleby’s-Steak & Stilton Pie-Entry-2889
Brockleby’s-Wild Beaver Pie-Entry-2901
Café V8-Chicken & Leek Pie-Entry-3040
Café V8-Heeland Bridie-Entry-3042
Café V8-Vegetarian Pie-Entry-3044
Camilleri Kitchen-Chicken & Vegetable Pie-Entry-3016
Chunk of Devon-Chicken & Mushroom Pie-Entry-2651
Cloughbane Farm Foods-Chicken Ham & Leek Pie-Entry-3148
Crantock Bakery Ltd-P.O.S.H. Classic Steak Pasty-Entry-2797
Crantock Bakery Ltd-P.O.S.H. Triple Cheese Pasty-Entry-2800
Dunkleys-Blade of Beef and Rioja Pie-Entry-3275
Dunkleys-British Beef and Abbot Ale Pie-Entry-3252
Dunkleys-British Chicken and Leek Pie-Entry-3274
Dunkleys-Chicken Ham and Cheese Pie-Entry-3260
Dunkleys-Fish Pie-Entry-3264
Dunkleys-Kentish Bramley Apple Pie-Entry-3268
Dunkleys-Old Speckled Hen Pie-Entry-3253
Dunkleys-Vegetable Balti Pie-Entry-3265
Elm Tree Foods-Boozy Beef Pie-Entry-3200
F. Bailey and Son- F. Bailey & Son Ltd Melton Mowbray Pork Pie-Entry-3400
Food on the Hill-Beef Bourguignon-Entry-2761
Fulham Football Club-Bombay Vegetable Pie-Entry-3088
Fulham Football Club-Chicken Balti Pie-Entry-3087
Fuud Ltd-Chicken & Ale Pie-Entry-2793
Great North Pie Company-Cauliflower Cheese & Hazelnut Pie-Entry-3077
Great North Pie Company-Faggot in Pastry & Onion Gravy Pie-Entry-3082
Great North Pie Company-Homemade Corned Beef & Allotment Vegetables Pie-Entry-3081
Great Walsingham Barns Cafe-Beef & Vegetable Pasty-Entry-2835
Hayman’s Butchers-Roast Chicken & Asparagus Pie-Entry-2815
Hayman’s Butchers-Roast Chicken Pie-Entry-2813
Hayman’s Butchers-Steak & Ale Pie-Entry-2810
Holland’s Pies-Pub Classics Peppered Steak Pie-Entry-2753
Jeanie Marshal Foods-Goan Vegetable Pie-Entry-2966
Jeanie Marshal Foods-Lamb & Mint Pie-Entry-2964
Kentish Mayde-Lamb & Mint Pie-Entry-3141
Laverstoke Park Farm-Buffalo & Peppercorn Pie-Entry-2628
Lord of the Pies-Best of British mixed cheese & onions pie-Entry-2918
Lord of the Pies-Cheshire lamb hint of mint red wine jus & broad beans-Entry-2913
Lord of the Pies-Local reared beef roast chestnut mushrooms & real ale pie-Entry-2922
Lord of the Pies-The Fish Pie-Entry-2917
Morecambe Football Club-Apple Blackberry & Elderflower Pie-Entry-2841
Morecambe Football Club-Beef Steak & Ale Pie-Entry-2846
Morecambe Football Club-Quorn & Pepper Pie-Entry-2842
Mr C’s Hand-Crafted Pies-Pork & Chorizo with Chili Pie-Entry-2927
Mr C’s Hand-Crafted Pies-Pork Pancetta & Leek Pie-Entry-2930
Mr Kew’s Pies-Chicken & Asparagus Pie-Entry-3277
Nice Pie-Cherry Delight-Entry-2952
Nice Pie-Chicken Pot Pie-Entry-2947
Okemoor-Ham Hock & Pea Pie-Entry-3307
On The Sands Cafe & Deli-Chicken Ham & Leek Pie-Entry-2558
Pastilla Pies-Adstock Pie-Entry-3196
Pete’s Pies Ltd-Garlic Mushroom Spinach & Paneer Pie-Entry-2978
Pieminister- Freeranger Pie-Entry-2878
Pieminister-Heidi Pie-Entry-2881
Piglet’s Pantry Ltd-Chicken Gammon & Leek Pie-Entry-3289
Piglet’s Pantry Ltd-Chicken Tagine-Entry-3286
Piglet’s Pantry Ltd-Steak in Harrys Ale Pie-Entry-3282
Pinchin’s Family Farm Shop-Lincolnshire Sausage meat Chicken & Leek Pie-Entry-3186
Plenty Pastry Ltd-Overnight Shin of Beef Pie-Entry-2983
Plenty Pastry Ltd-Wild Boar Boudin Boir Pie-Entry-2986
Pork Farms-Co-Op Deli Large Melton Mowbray Pork Pie-Entry-2990
Pork Farms-Co-Op Individual Melton Mowbray Pork Pie-Entry-2995
Pork Farms-Pork Farms Medium Uncured Pork Pie-Entry-2992
Proper Pies Limited-British Chicken Portobello Mushroom Pie-Entry-3130
Proper Pies Limited-Chicken Leek & Ham Hock Pie-Entry-3128
Proper Pies Limited-Chicken Leek & Ham Hock Pie-Entry-3133
Proper Pies Limited-Chicken Leek Crème Fraiche & Ham Hock Pie-Entry-3132
Proper Pies Limited-Chicken Leek Crème Fraiche & Ham Hock Pie-Entry-3138
Proper Pies Limited-Finest Mushroom & Beef Pie-Entry-3117
Proper Pies Limited-Pulled Beef Ale & Sweet Onion Pie-Entry-3120
R J Hirst High Class Family Butcher-Hirst’s Beef Pasty-Entry-2716
Robert Bowring Farmer & Butchers-Mince & Onion Pasty-Entry-3058
Rose Cottage Foods-Pork & Caramelised Red Onion Pie-Entry-2957
Rose Cottage Foods-Traditional Pasty-Entry-2955
Rushfields Farm Shop-Sussex Cheesy Charmer-Entry-3069
Seasons Farm Foods-Steak & Ale Pie-Entry-3173
Seasons Farm Foods-Chicken Ham & Leek Pie-Entry-3176
Square Pie-BBQ Bourbon Beef Pie-Entry-2781
Tamar Foods-The Co-operative Loved By Us Hand crimped Cornish Pasty 200g-Entry-3036
Tamar Foods-The Co-operative Loved By Us Short crust Chicken & Gravy Pie 550g-Entry-3035
That Little Place-Chicken Mushroom & Tarragon Pie-Entry-3061
That Little Place-Moroccan Lamb-Entry-3062
The Outdoor Pig Company Ltd-Pasty-Entry-3240
The Real Pie Company-Apple & Blackberry Pie-Entry-2587
The Real Pie Company-Real Pasty-Entry-2584
The Real Pie Company-Chicken & Mushroom Pie-Entry-2582
Thomas’s Bakery in Furness-Corned Beef Pasty-Entry-2639
Victoria Park Pie Company-Chicken & Wild Mushroom Pie-Entry-3163
Walker & Son-Tesco Individual Reduced Fat Pork Pie 140g-Entry-3355
Walker & Son-Tesco Melton Mowbray Pork Pie 440g-Entry-3354
Walker & Son-Tesco Mini New York Deli Pies-Entry-3359
Walker & Son-Tesco Pork Cheese & Pickle Mini Pies-Entry-3349
Walker & Son-Tesco Scotch Egg Pie-Entry-3368
Walker & Son-Walker & Son 4 Mini Pork Pies-Entry-3329
Walker & Son-Walker & Son Chicken Ham & Leek Pie 150g-Entry-3381
Walker & Son-Walker & Son Medium Pork Pie-Entry-3331
Walker & Son-Walker & Son Pork & Chicken Layer Pie-Entry-3346
Walker & Son-Walker & Son Steak Pie-Entry-3376
Wessex Pantry-Game Pie-Entry-2602

British Pie Award Certificate Holders 2014